Metallica ‘Blackened’ American Whiskey

Aug 31, 2018

Category: Vices

Providing a personal account of earth’s dismal future in Blackened — an apocalyptic thrash metal track on Metallica’s fourth studio album titled …And Justice for All — James Hetfield laid it all on the line in a meaningful manner that still rings true today. And while the late-80s harbinger of our current state remains relevant, at least now we’ll have some killer whiskey to sip on to ease the pain.

What’s left is Metallica’s Blackened American Whiskey, a direct result of their partnership with legendary distiller Dave Pickerell of WhistlePig that not only features a fine blend of hand-selected ryes and bourbon whiskeys but also incorporates selected Metallica tracks using a proprietary sonic enhancement method dubbed Black Noise™. Here, during the aging process in black brandy casks, the spirit is jolted with sound so it seeps deeper into the wood yielding a darker character and more balanced mouthfeel. We’re talking notes of burnt caramel, honey, and oak complemented with hints of cinnamon, allspice, clove, and mint on the palate. All in good taste and available now for pre-order.

Purchase: $53

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