Mercedes Sprinter Vansports Camper

Just because a van has lots of free space doesn’t mean it needs to be filled. Hartmann-Tuning understands as much, which is why they decided to keep things simple with their Mercedes Sprinter Vansports Camper.

Rather than loading this van up with a bunch of equipment, this Sprinter features a small amount of equipment – most of all of which is flexible and easy to maneuver. Take for instance the bed at the back of the van. Rather than going with the traditional layout, the folks at Hartmann devised a fold-down bed that goes lengthwise – making it easy to get a nice nights rest while also allowing for the space to be used as storage while driving or during the day. Despite that large sleeping and storage area in the back, the van still features four seats – two of which are located next to a kitchen with full sink, fold-out two-burner stove, and refrigerated drawer. These features and more can be added or taken away at the buyer’s discretion.

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