Orangework Lennson 3C Expedition Vehicle

Not all overland vehicles need to scream rough and rugged. Sometimes there just as much enjoyment to be had in a more luxurious cabin that might not necessarily fall in line with the accepted principles of roughin’ it.

Take the Lennson 3C, built out by Germany-based Orangework. Based off a Mercedes-Benz G 320, under the hood is a 220hp turbo V6 with upwards of 400 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, more than a handful of upgrades were added to this G320 as well. Enough, in fact, to provide the 19-foot camper with a full kitchen, living area, and a full bathroom. Outside, it features a reinforced coil suspension, Öhlins shocks, a tire pressure control system, a LeTech rope winch push rod, an LED auxiliary light, and an additional fuel tank that can house up to 26 extra gallons of fuel for the road. And that is just the beginning.

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