Carlex’s One-Off Mercedes-Benz X-Class Was Built To Explore

This year, Poland’s bespoke automotive outfit, Carlex Design, revealed one of the most aesthetically-pleasing and formidable rack systems imaginable. Thanks to hydraulic lifts, a bold construction, and even more intricate design terminology, it caused quite the commotion in the automotive industry. But, like most of Carlex’s projects, a full-fledged upgrade kit wasn’t far behind.

The company’s latest project is a dramatic recreation of Mercedes-Benz’s X-Class pickup, bringing notable offroad characteristics to light. Dubbed the “Powerful Adventurer,” this one-of-a-kind concept, built by the company’s Pickup Design division, calls upon striking aesthetic upgrades to illustrate its overland attribution, to include cleanly-tailored LED bars on the roof, a heightened suspension and flared wheel arches. The vehicle looks right at home in the mountains of Georgia, thanks to its utilitarian, matte green wrap, which is caked in mud, dust, and dirt, courtesy of the area’s rough access roads.

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