Mercedes-Benz X-Class ‘Gruma Hunter’ Pickup Truck

Finding a hardcore off-road ready overlander has gotten much easier in recent days. But getting one that’s outfitted for a specific activity, like hunting, can be a lot more difficult. Or rather, it was before the folks at Gruma Automobile unveiled their Mercedes-Benz X-Class ‘Gruma Hunter’ pickup truck.

Outfitted specifically for the needs of hunting parties, this geared-out truck has been heavily modified — including a lift for more ground clearance, better undercarriage protection, a front-end winch, and special off-road tires. Off-road readiness alone, however, does not make a hunting pickup. Luckily, they also had the foresight to add other upgrades, like a tailgate waterproof gun locker, a dog crate for your four-legged hunting companion, a storage container, and even a roof platform that could potentially double as a hunting blind with the right rooftop tent. Even the paint, a matte hunting green, was selected for its anti-reflective properties. Reach out to Gruma for details on pricing and availability.

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