Mercedes-Benz X-Class EXY Monster X 6X6 Concept

Polish company Carlex Design, with help from Pickup Design, has beefed up the Mercedes-Benz X-Class and transformed it into a menacing juggernaut with carbon fiber armor. Dubbed the EXY Monster X, this custom 6×6 is a titan among mere pickup trucks.

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class three-axle pickup has been modified completely with carbon fiber construction throughout the entire body. It’s been lowered, widened, and equipped with ceramic-carbon discs for potential race track applications. The pickup also features two robust winches at the front and rear, making it suitable to be a track safety vehicle or all around adventure hero. In addition, the EXY Monster X concept shows a light bar on the roof, massive fenders for the giant off-road tires, and a bed box coated with protective structural paint to make this a real workhorse. Carlex Design will supposedly begin a one-off production of this monster soon.

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