Mercedes-Benz X Class Camper Pickup

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, glamping is a pop culture phenomena that has touched all points of the globe. Mercedes-Benz is not willing to miss out on this fad as they have just released their concepts for caravan modifications based on their newly issued X Class pickup truck.

Working to produce models for the annual Caravan, Motor, Touristik Show in their hometown of Stuttgart, Mercedes worked closely with German aftermarket manufacturers to show the potential of their new hauler. The first example is paired with a cab-over camper from Tischer Cabins that shows how comfortable the X Class will be loaded down as a full on RV. With room for three and accommodations for a full backcountry tour, this is luxury outdoor adventuring at its finest. The second rendition has a more modest modular camping kitchen produced by VanEssa Mobile Camping that slides into the bed of the truck. For those looking to get more hands on with their adventure, Mercedes shows they have you in mind too.

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