Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo

Autonomous driving is the latest trend in the automobile industry, so it’s only right that Mercedes has decided to throw its name into the hat with their latest unveiling, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo concept.

It’s basically a high-tech lounge on four wheels that uses Deep Machine Learning and Intelligent Predictive Engine technology along for the ride, meaning  it becomes more and more familiar with its occupants and their preferences. The concept is powered by an electric engine and a hydrogen fuel cell, which would give it a driving range of over 600 miles. The design looks like something straight out of the year 2099, sporting a futuristic look with cool blue glows aplenty and a sleeked back exterior. It’s a homage to the urban Generation Z, those who have grown up with the new media in a connected world. If this is the mini-van of the future, count us all in.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo 2

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo 3

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo 4

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo 5