Mercedes-Benz VIP Aircraft Cabin

Mercedes-Benz crafts some of the most luxurious car interiors on the planet, hands down. Now the German auto maker is looking to take their talents to the sky as they unveil this VIP Aircraft Cabin.

Designed in collaboration with Lufthansa, this project was presented at the 2015 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE for short). The concept foregoes all traditional design for airplanes, incorporating a spiral layout that creates a seamless flow between the floors, walls and ceiling, with built-in furniture spaced throughout. Our favorite feature is the implementation of the brand’s Magic Sky technology. Borrowed from the flagship S-Class model, this feature lets the windows be concealed by black panels that are dimmed electronically, letting you go back and forth between the blacked out look seen above and the standard transparent windows.

Mercedes-Benz VIP Aircraft Cabin 2

Mercedes-Benz VIP Aircraft Cabin 3

Mercedes-Benz VIP Aircraft Cabin 4