Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4²

It’s about time Mercedes-Benz got their act together – bringing the fans what they truly want. The brand announced they’ll be making the coveted G550 4×4² available in the US market later in 2017. Known as one of the most luxurious and capable SUV’s ever produced, the off-road menace is the perfect machine for those with deep pockets and a taste for unpaved terrain.

The SUV debuted last year in Europe boasting a neon green paint job and over 17” of ground clearance, three locking differentials, portal axles and boosted under the hood with a 4.0 Biturbo V-8 engine from the GT-S and C63 Mercedes-AMG series. Each 4×4² also hosts a suspension setup with dual springs, damper struts, and two stabilizer bars that’ll convince any petrolhead to start saving their money. In terms of straight offload capability, this beast can cruise through over 3-feet of water without blinking, features a max approach angle of 51.6 degrees, and max departure angle of over 43 degrees. And if you can manage the $250,000 price tag, it’ll certainly be the last SUV you’ll ever own.

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