A Digital Designer Reimagines The Unimog As A Diesel Hybrid Overlander

Whenever we hear the word “Unimog,” visions of large off-roading platforms, bespoke, utilitarian kits, and ultra-expensive parts packages come to mind. The Mercedes-Benz model has become an unspoken trademark of the Overlanding community due to its exceptional durability. And while designer Artyom Trofimenko doesn’t want to deviate entirely from that reputation, he’s brought it into a more refined space with the EQ_UNIMOG U5025 concept.

Usually, we’re treated to photos of Mercedes’ gigantic platform as it takes on off-road areas, imperfect trials, and waterways. Rarely do we see the UNIMOG in an urban setting, let alone, with an engine layout that departs from the trusted six-cylinder included in the brand’s various models. For Trofimenko, the four-wheeled platform was a prime specimen for modular evolution. To bring the vehicle into the modern-day, he’s outfitted it with a futuristic illuminated body, a utilitarian flatbed, and a unique diesel/electric powertrain that gives the petrol-guzzling original a run for its money in terms of output and efficiency. The result? A sleek, updated UNIMOG that couples the automotive industry’s innovative hybridized power setups with a more refined body style, enhanced linework, and curvature, and a modular external body that can harbor everything from tools, all the way to spare tires, exploration gear, and essential off-road items. Head to Trofimenko’s Behance to learn more.

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