Mercedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain 4×4²

While they are most well-known for their luxury street cars, Mercedes-Benz is not a brand to shy away from more rugged ventures. Take, for instance, their G63 AMG 6×6. And it looks like that gusto extends to their engineers’ private projects too, like this one-off E-Class All Terrain 4×4² built by Jörgen Eberle.

Lifted to over 15.7″ (three times that of the normal E-Class All Terrain) and equipped with portal axels (similar to the ones on the G-Class 4×4²), as well as beefy off-road tires mated to 20-inch wheels and a 3-liter turbocharged gas engine, this 6-month personal project is an impressive one. And even though it’s built to tear up the trails, it’s interior is still as plush as you’d expect from Mercedes-Benz – with plush leather seats, aluminum trim, and a digital infotainment system. What’s even cooler is that there’s talk that Mercedes liked this project so much, they’re thinking about building it for real in limited fashion. Let’s hope that happens.