Mercedes-Benz AMG X Cigarette Racing 515 Project One

Another year, another collaboration between the German marque and Florida-based speedboat company. The newest project title? The Mercedes-Benz AMG X Cigarette Racing 515 Project One.

In this, the 9th year of the ongoing collaboration between the brands, Cigarette Racing has developed a 51-foot and 5-inch long boat made from a composite consisting of Kevlar, carbon fiber, and E-glass. That lightweight material makes room enough for 6 people to sit comfortably on the boat and can be piloted at up to 140MPH courtesy the dual Mercury racing engines and M8 Stern that produces up to 3,100HP. This combination of speed and class was inspired in large part by the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE – a mid-engined speed freak powered by a 1.6-liter V6 hybrid power plant that delivers up to 1,000 HP and tops off at around 217 MPH. Power and elegance – no one does it better than these two.

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