This Classic Mercedes-Benz Convertible Is Hiding A 200-Mile EV Engine

As the auto industry at large comes to terms with the inevitable march of its electrified future, many restoration outfits are seeing the writing on the wall, realizing that they too have to embrace the change if they hope to survive. It may sound like sacrilege to turn an old car into an EV, but it’s a process that’s given a lot of classics a new lease on life.

Cardiff-based Mercedes-Benz specialist Hemmels is one such brand, for — in addition to its existing lineup of 190SL, 280SL, and 300SL overhauls — it recently added an all-new 280SL Electric option. At first glance, you can see that this is no ordinary battery-powered conversion; it’s an update that stays as period-correct as possible. That’s because even despite the addition of a 160hp electric motor, it sports all of the original analog instrumentation, with an interior that appears to have come straight from the factory. And while it may offer an impressive 200 miles of range, Hemmels’ engineers actually decreased the car’s torque output to make it more comparable to the original. Available for $295,000 with a 1-year warranty, you can even choose your own paint and leather colors.

Purchase: $295,000