Mercedes-AMG GT 6×6 Concept

In their second go-around in mashing up new and wild designs to catch the attention of car manufacturers around the world, the team over at Carwow released some of the strangest and meanest looking concepts we’ve seen yet, one of which tops the charts of the absurd. Consider the outcome of a Mercedes-AMG GT supercar atop the chassis of the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6. Yeah, we’re pretty sure this Frankenstein of a vehicle breaches the limits of the imagination.

It’s no secret the standard 6×6 houses quite the powerful engine, an AMG 5.5-liter V8 bit turbo engine pushing out 536 horses under its hood to be exact, so it only seems appropriate that Carwow equip the monster with a smooth and aerodynamic body to keep this beast sailing through the backcountry terrain. The concept also features four LED headlights atop the roof and the original roll bar from the G63 since with this much juice a rollover is bound to happen. Let’s just hope Mercedes-AMG gets ahold of this concept and teases us with a debut in the coming years. We’ll be saving our money in the meantime.

Mercedes-AMG GT6x6 Concept 1