O.CT Blacks-Out The Mercedes-AMG GT R & Boosts It To 641HP

Although there had been a bit of turbulence, it looks like Mercedes-AMG will finally be releasing their Black Series GT R at some point in 2020. And while that’s excellent news for supercar enthusiasts, it’s also still quite a ways away. For those who are impatient, however, there is a superb aftermarket option to be found in German tuning brand O.CT’s take on the wide, aggressive performance vehicle.

Obviously, the first thing you might notice about the O.CT Mercedes-AMG GT R is that it is completely blacked-out from tip to tail — including the interior, brake calipers, and even the visible bits behind the grille. And while we love a good all-black supercar, that’s not enough to get us excited alone. Thankfully, O.CT has managed to juice up this German street rocket to a whopping 641 horsepower and 627 foot-pounds of torque (up from 585 and 516, respectively). Those figures give it a 0-62 time of just 3.6 seconds, but the tuners are also promising better fuel economy and lower emissions, to boot. You’ll have to reach out for pricing and availability but, if you’re like us, you most definitely want to see a lot more of this beauty.

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