Mephisto X Concepts CCM-96 Shoes

Everyone knows that the legendary Steve Jobs was a New Balance 992 fan, but in the early ‘90s, Apple had a pair of shoes created with a similar silhouette to promote the company. However, it only reached the prototype stage and was only worn by a few lucky employees before being shelved. Now, Mephisto and Concepts have teamed up to pay homage to the original $15,000 Apple sneakers with the CCM-96 shoes.

The Mephisto x Concepts CCM-96 shoes aren’t exactly the same as the Apple sneakers, as they are more stout and have updated molding and shaping. They’re made with high-grade leather, chunky midsoles, and feature the rainbow logo, which has been updated to look more contemporary. The classic sneakers are available now for $395, but you have to be on your A-game to grab a pair. Concepts will also release two hoodies and a t-shirt inspired by Apple’s Think Different campaigns.

Purchase: $130