Mellow Sous-Vide Cooker

So, after years of trial by fire, you’ve finally conquered the art of grilling. Congrats. But this is no time to rest on your charcoal-stained laurels; it’s time to master a new way to cook. Sous-vide, anyone? For the unfamiliar, sous-vide involves cooking food in airtight plastic bags in water. And if that sounds a little risky to you, check out Mellow.

Mellow aims to make cooking sous-vide simple and smart. When you drop a bag of food in the H2O, Mellow senses that and notifies you of the change. You then open the app, tell Mellow what it is you’re cooking, when you want it ready, and how you want it cooked, then, just walk away. When you come back you’re promised to have perfectly cooked chicken, fish, eggs, whatever. Pre-order now for $400 and you’ll undoubtedly become the first sous-vide superstar on your block. They’ll probably name a street after you. Watch the video below. [Purchase]