MelloShip Hammock Boat

For some people, summer is not a season. It is the lens through which the world is perceived. James Womack, the inventor of the MelloShip, is one of those people.

His boat is essentially the term “chill” in it’s most essential physical form. It combines the relaxing activities of boating and hanging out in a hammock all into one package, and it is all powered by clean solar energy and a powerful electric motor (gas is not chill.) The boat consists of a large frame set on two strong pontoons with a low center of gravity, making it easy to hang hammocks from without flipping the boat. If you’re not feeling like just laying low all day, you can flip down the floor and a couple of seats for hanging out and having beers, or you can lay out your yoga mat and show the whole lake how bad you are at sticking those poses. Don’t want to steer? Set a route with the GPS capable motor and forget it while you konk out for the day. If you, like James, view the world through July-tinted glasses, you can get your hands on one of these for $2,500. [Purchase]

MelloShip 1

MelloShip 2