Melchior Robot Clock by MB&F

This awesome robot clock might cost $36,000, but hey, that’s still a lot less than it cost to make Chappie. We’re guessing this is more entertaining too.

From MB&F and L’Epée 1839, Melchior is a 480-component mechanical table clock features steel and brass armor, jumping hours, sweeping minutes, a polished glass dome cover, and a whopping 40-day power reserve that’s measured on the abdomen dial. Its steel upper arms rotate and his lower arms pivot up or down, giving you some sweet angles to fire his faux rocket launcher and Gatling gun. Its left arm also detaches and doubles as the winding/setting key for the movement. Only 99 pieces are being made, and it’s available in a monochromatic ‘light’ edition or a two-tone ‘dark and light’ edition with black PVD-treated components. [Purchase]