MekaMon Battle Robots

Settle the score the right way, with Battle Robots in augmented reality. Now, roommate debacles, false accusations, and even betting, can be settled on the virtual battlefield. Challenge your friends, make new ones or alienate old ones with your crazy skills in the robot fighting landscape.

Each MekaMon robot runs off a 1200mAh, 11.1V 3 cell lithium battery that communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth LE. It boasts 4x Infra-Red transceivers and internal hardware heath monitoring. The MekaMon’s four legs also feature 3 degrees of freedom that facilitate the robot’s complex motion. They’re controlled via smartphone and with the virtual battlefield at your fingertips, you and your opponents can fight with missiles and lasers. You can also fight virtual opponents as well if you’d like. They weigh in at a modest 2.2 pounds and are available now for a 2017 delivery date. You can either purchase a single robot for $329 or go all out with the Ultimate Battle Pack edition for $599. [Purchase]

MekaMon Battle Robots 2

MekaMon Battle Robots 3

MekaMon Battle Robots 4

MekaMon Battle Robots 1