Meijs Motorman Electric Moped

When you live in a concrete jungle, you tend to worry less about what others think about your source of transportation and just do what’s best for you. Case in point: the convenient-but-considered-uncool moped. But with more people thinking green, we think there’s much less stigma surrounding mopeds, and the Motorman from Dutch designer Ronald Meijs is an excellent example of cool coming in a convenient package.

Inspired by the look of American classics, this featherweight (99 lbs.) electric motorbike can travel up to 43 miles at a top speed of 28 mph. A recharge is said to take about six hours, but again, no gas required—that’s crucial. Right now it’s only approved for all EU countries, along with Switzerland and Norway, but it’s said to be heading to the US soon. [Purchase]

Meijs Motorman Electric Moped 2

Meijs Motorman Electric Moped 3

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