This Assault Helicopter Can Launch A Volley Of 7 Attack Drones

As you might assume, modern technology has changed the entirety of the world in which we live — the battlefield included. And one of the biggest changes found in modern combat is the incorporation of high-tech ordinance, like drones, across the spectrum of military activity from scouting and reconnaissance to offensive assault. Now, that technology is taking its next step forward in this MD 969 Twin Attack Helicopter mounted with a CLT system.

Short for Common Launch Tube, the CLT system is an array mounted toward the rear of the 969’s fuselage comprised of seven launch tubes that can house a variety of ordinance — including precision-strike missiles or independently operating drones. That latter bit is especially intriguing because it means this chopper can send its drones off to engage in missions completely unaided and then return once the task is complete. Pair that with the chopper’s unmatched speed, maneuverability, and safety and this technological marvel is set to completely alter the modern battlefield as we know it.

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