McLaren’s $1M Senna Hypercar Gets Boosted To 902HP By NOVITEC

To think that anyone would think they could improve upon an automotive masterpiece like the McLaren Senna hypercar is, frankly speaking, kind of insane. Of course, a place of insanity is sort of where the folks at NOVITEC, the german tuning brand, thrive. That being the case, they took the Senna to their workshop and, somehow, made it even more impressive than ever before.

Interestingly, the upgraded parts are actually few and quite small — including replacement exhaust pipes made from a cutting-edge material called INCONEL and, more importantly, plug-and-play NOVITEC N-TRONIC modules. But the difference they make is pretty remarkable. For instance, the upgrade modules alter the mapping for injection and ignition and add a modified electronic boost pressure control to give the car an extra 102 horsepower (for a total of 902) and an extra 65 foot-pounds of torque (for a total of 656 foot-pounds). That results in a new 0-62 time of just 2.7 seconds and a top speed of over 208mph. Of course, the standard Senna was already rare and cost $1,000,000 starting — so you’ll have to either already own one or be remarkably rich to take advantage of NOVITEC’s impressive upgrade package.

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