McLaren & Castore Craft A Collection Of Racing-Inspired Technical Clothing

Partnerships between high-end clothing companies and automotive manufacturers have become commonplace within recent years, but their popularity has taught us one thing: they must find common ground, else they fall into the void of soulless, generic releases. That’s why the unison of the premium British supercar company, McLaren, and its equally-as-affluent clothing-focused counterpart, Castore, is a match made in heaven.

Instead of the abnormal partnerships that we’ve seen this year, McLaren and Castore’s collaborative effort seems much more grounded. As one of Britain’s most lauded sportswear companies, Castore fits well within the niche of premium goods — something that McLaren knows all too well. Tapping into the automotive manufacturer’s modern design language, this stylish clothing capsule takes a more technical approach to everyday wear, introducing a series of training pieces and cotton-clad performance tops/outerwear. Throughout, pleasantries like bonded seams, sonic-welded constructions, and four-way stretch fabrics make their debut, complementing the collection’s breathable mesh and hexagonal grid formations. To round things out, Coldblack technology provides wearers with thermoregulatory properties, keeping them protected (and cool) as they take part in athletic activities. Head to McLaren’s press release for more information.

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