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Novitec Outfits McLaren’s 720S Spider With Custom Parts & 795HP

When it comes to ultra-fast supercars, the creative minds at Novitec aren’t easily appeased. For most, the excessive speeds, stealthy stylings, and innovative aerodynamics of today’s modern monsters are nothing to shake a stick at — but this German outfit is different. When we heard that the team had set their sights on McLaren’s powerful 720S Spider, we knew we were in for a wild ride.

To enhance the vehicle’s already-insane 2.9-second 0-62 acceleration speed, Novitec decided to revise some of the vehicle’s foundational aspects. They implemented a handful of aftermarket peripherals to the car, including a custom-made front spoiler, blade, and side flaps, alongside a generous reduction in weight via forged carbon housings, an N-LARGO trunk lid, and forged wheels by Vossen. Underneath the supercar’s sleek exterior, an entirely new high-performance exhaust system has been added, resulting in improved throttle response throughout the entire RPM range. As a result, the 795-horsepower monstrosity now boasts a 215 mile-per-hour top speed and accelerates from 0-62 in just under a 2.7-seconds — shaving two valuable tenths from its original benchmark. For those who are more interested in the car’s aesthetic qualities, however, the German tuner has opted to redecorate the interior in premium leather and Alcantara, leaving no stone unturned for McLaren’s prized platform.

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