McLaren’s 720S Ride-On Is An All-Electric Supercar For Kids

After the British carmaker launched the P1 as a car for kids in 2016, automobile aficionados went wild. So it’s no surprise that the McLaren 720S Ride-On toy car was created to please supercar fans who want their children to ride in style.

The officially-licensed compact kid’s ride comes complete with functional dihedral doors, accurate 720S signature styling details, and exposed carbon-style elements. It runs on an electric motor with an operative pedal that also activates engine sounds for an immersive feel. The car can be operated normally in the driver’s seat or via remote control so parents can use it as a ridable RC. There’s also an infotainment system complete with buttons for various functions on the dashboard, as well as USB and SD card sockets so you can listen to some tunes or watch a movie. And, for the first time, the toy ride comes in authentic colors. This ride will set you back $400 and you can order one today.

Purchase: $400