Novitec Upgrades McLaren’s Imposing 720S Spider Supercar To 795HP

McLaren’s 720S is a principal example of prestigious supercar design, but even it fell short when the company announced the release of the Senna in 2018. Automotive enthusiasts everywhere were drawn to the platform due to its race-borne lineage, but after the hype died down, the reveal of the 720S Spider reignited an already-adamant car community. Now, Novitec has taken yet another swing at one of McLaren’s staple platforms, creating something that will please both parties indefinitely.

The Novitec McLaren 720S N-Largo Spider arrives as an elaborative take on its predecessor, adopting a handful of interesting qualities that promise to shake the foundation of the company’s traditional supercar offerings. At its front, a Senna-like fascia, splitter, and widebody gift the 720S a far more aggressive face, while the rear, which has been enhanced through the implementation of an all-new bumper and attachments for the car’s original spoiler, provides a more sporty appearance, overall. While nearly all of the additions are made from lightweight carbon fiber, the vehicle’s figurative diet wouldn’t mean much without the inclusion of an Inconel exhaust system and “N-Tronic” tuning box, allowing it reach speeds of 215 miles-per-hour thanks to a newly-acquired horsepower rating of 795. To round things out, Novitec has introduced a new suspension/spring set up to bring the car 35 millimeters closer to the blacktop, giving it a look all its own. Only 15 of the cars are slated for production, so be sure to head over to the company’s website to learn more.

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