McLaren 570S Spider Design Edition

It’s only fitting that the same people who designed a car from the ground up might also have a say in its finishing touches (rather than having you screw it up at the dealership). The latest edition of the McLaren 570S Spider represents the fulfillment of a designer’s intimate relationship with the car they designed. The McLaren 570S Spider offers five Limited Edition models that have been designed from the factory to the floor by the McLaren automotive design team.

Creating a car, only to watch as it’s ripped from your grasp and garbed in some ghastly paint-job must be one of the hardest parts of an automotive designer’s job. We imagine it’s a bit like giving birth to a child and having it adopted by some clownish, self-proclaimed couturier who knows nothing of who the child is or what color suits it best, merely projecting his own affection for chartreuse and maroon onto your poor progeny. McLaren Automotive Design Director Rob Melville sought to alleviate the horror of his designers – and to save you from yourself – by having them create five thematic and complementary colorways for the 570S Spider, which McLaren will release as limited editions. Keeping the quintessential, stealth-finished 10-spoke wheels and bright “McLaren Orange” brake calipers that make it a 570S Spider, the carbon-fiber exterior and retractable hard top forge a design that would be hard to spoil, even by the most colorblind customer. With a 3.8-Litre McLaren V8 Engine generating 562 HP, the colors will blend together anyway as the Spider drives. Still, the design team has picked out several colorways to complement this work of art perfectly: Silica White, Storm Grey, Vermillion Red, Onyx Black or Vega Blue. Let go of your delusions of design know-how, and enjoy the appropriately-selected finish of a fully finished product.

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