Hammock Hitch Mount

Some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world are rather austere. Especially those austere lands that are perfect for off-roading. Taking your beastly 4×4 into the sparse desert land can make for a beautiful excursion, but when you want to lay back and watch the sunset, there often isn’t a good place to hang your hammock. Thanks to McLean Metalworks Hammock Hitch Mount, that’s no longer the case.

Built to provide a perfectly balanced frame for your hammock – provided your truck or forerunner has a standard 2-inch hitch at the rear – the Hammock Mount is the next best thing to lounging between two equally-spaced trees. The mount is collapsible, too, shrinking down small enough to keep in your backseat or trunk. It can hold up to 300 pounds, and only weighs 40 pounds in itself, despite its sturdy, powder-coated steel construction (something that, as you can imagine, McLean Metalworks takes pride in). Accommodating hammocks up to 114 inches long, you can finally stretch out and relax, hitched onto your truck.

Purchase: $400