MB&F Starfleet Machine Tabletop Timepiece

Need more sci-fi in your house? Hold off on that Denise Richards-autographed Starship Troopers lunchbox, and instead go a much classier route with this: the Starfleet Machine.

This Star Trek-inspired brass and stainless steel tabletop timepiece from Swiss manufacturer L’Epée 1839 will dazzle anyone within its orbit. Designed by MB&F, the award-winning artistic and micro-engineering laboratory, the Starfleet Machine features a gorgeous central black dome with hand-polished hands that follow the dome’s curved contours. A smaller rotating dome, accompanied by a revolving radar dish, shows the remaining energy in its 40 day power reserve. The fun kicks in every 20 seconds with turret-mounted laser cannons that cross over one another before rapidly flying out again. Choose from a light edition and a ruthenium-treated dark edition. But choose fast; only 175 pieces are being offered. [Purchase]

Starfleet Machine Tabletop Timepiece 2

Starfleet Machine Tabletop Timepiece 3

Starfleet Machine Tabletop Timepiece 4