MB43 Willys Army Jeep Children’s Car

When we were kids, Power Wheels were some of the coolest toys out there and gave us a chance to tool around in smaller versions of some of our favorite vehicles. This MB43 Willys Army Jeep children’s car from Toylander is a lot like those, but way more detailed and a whole lot better.

In fact, Toylander has a whole bunch of really cool Power Wheels style vehicles, and this one is touted as the most detailed of the bunch. But it isn’t just looks, this thing actually works well too – powered by an electric motor that does up to 5mph. It’s also got both forward and reverse gears, functional brakes, a handbrake, working headlights, and a horn. For $1,543 you can get all the parts you need to build this bad boy yourself or you can opt for a ready-made version at $5,262.

Purchase: $1,543+