Mazda Vision Coupe Concept

With each passing day, yet another delightful release is unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. In this instance, we have the Mazda Vision Coupe – representing the brand’s vision for next-generation production models and based on a sleeker Japanese aesthetic.

Glancing at the car’s exterior, you’ll notice its one-motion form that presents the concept in a unique sporty manner unlike many of Mazda’s preceding vehicles. A sense of quickness and speed is evident here, along with an interior combining three-dimensional depth in conjunction with a strong longitudinal axis for a comfortable and expansive cabin. Unfortunately, we’re left in the dark regarding what lies under the hood here, but it could be something worth writing home about considering the obvious four-tailpipe sports exhaust system. Let’s hope Mazda follows through in this apparent effort to bring “zoom zoom” to the next level.

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