Mazda Honors Its First Car With 100th Anniversary Special Edition Models

While not everyone’s cup of tea, Mazda has been in business for a century at this point — an impressive span of time by any measure. Now, to celebrate the monumental occasion, they’re releasing a series of limited-edition trims inspired by their very-first passenger vehicle, the 1960 R360 Coupe.

Mazda was founded back in 1920 and primarily manufactured three-wheel cargo trucks for decades. However, in 1960 they released their cute and compact R350 Coupe and never looked back. Now, to honor that history-making car, the company has created a series of 100th Anniversary Special Edition trims across the entirety of their current model range. The package includes a throwback two-tone color scheme — a Snowflake White Pearl Mica body with a colored roof and matching interior (red, in this case) — and 100th Anniversary badging both inside and out. Even the key fob features the exclusive 100-year logo, a callback inspired by the brand’s first logo when they were still called Toyo Kogyo. The optional anniversary package will be available at dealers worldwide soon.

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