Maxwell Infinitum:Grace Acoustic Guitar

With slight variations in appearance and form, most acoustic guitars have been made using the same techniques and materials — sometimes for generations. Of course, that makes it hard for new makers to get their foot in the door, but it also stunts progress. The folks at New Zealand-based shop Maxwell Custom Guitars are poised to conquer both with their revolutionary Infinitum:Grace acoustic guitar.

As you can see, the exterior of the guitar is still made of wood — albeit rare and gorgeous New Zealand-sourced Kahikatea and Black Maire timber which has been CNC-machined and thermally modified. What’s really interesting, however, is not immediately recognizable. For starters, this guitar’s facade is unique in that it does not feature a traditional soundhole — the egress from which the music comes. Rather, the trio of soundholes on this guitar are cut cleverly into its grooves, two on its top and one on the back and side, to allow for a unidirectional sound that doesn’t impede the instrument’s beautiful appearance. And that’s not all — it also features internal bracing (which bolsters the strength of the body) made from carbon fiber, which is both structurally and acoustically sound. Absolutely stunning in its design, construction, and execution, the Infinitum:Grace is a fresh, extraordinary take on this iconic instrument.

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