Maxtrax Traction Device

Nothing ruins a day of off-roading like getting stuck in the mud. Between the hiccup in adrenaline-fueled momentum, the frustration of wheelspin, and the knowledge that someone’s going to have to get out and push and–let’s be honest–probably end up with a mouthful of sludge, its enough to make you reconsider your next outing. Unless you forgo all the annoyance and pick up a set of Maxtrax.

Devised by 4×4 enthusiast Brad McCarthy after he nearly lost his vehicle beneath the incoming tide of a Queensland, AU beach, Maxtrax are made from UV-stabilized, flexible, super tough engineering-grade reinforced nylon. Meaning they’re lightweight, which–when combined with their slim profile–makes them ideal for both storage and transport. And the 6 handles, shovel at either end, and hardware included to link them together makes them easy to use and an invaluable tool regardless of your off-road destination. Maxtrax retail for $300 a pair. [Purchase]

Maxtrax 2

Maxtrax 3

Maxtrax 4

MaxTrax 6