MAX Multi-Purpose Axe

The Max seven-in-one multi-purpose tool is not messing around. Made out of middle carbon steel, and attached to a 34-inch long composite polyglass handle, this 12.5-pound tool can dig, cut, and smash in the most serious way.

The way this thing has been designed is so you can plug in whatever attachment you need to use – whether a shovel, axe, pulaski, pick, broad pic, rake or a hoe. The hudson-bay style axe is permanently attached to the handle and has a socket where the attachments can be pinned in. Forest Tool Company has made it so there is absolutely no wiggle on the attachments once they’ve been slammed in there, so you can really put them to work without having to worry about anything breaking. The tool comes with a leather sheath for the axe, a Cordura carrying case, and is made in the U.S. Pick one of these up for $250 and get to work. [Purchase]