Matrix PowerWatch 2 Smartwatch

With high-end technologies now more accessible than ever, it seems like everyday carry electronics — like smartwatches — are now fairly commonplace. But there’s still a lot of ground to cover, so new and upcoming brands can still make their mark in the marketplace. Matrix is one such brand, having released their PowerWatch X just last year. Now, they’ve improved upon it beautifully with the PowerWatch 2.

This brand-new iteration of Matrix’s smartwatch still incorporates all of the excellent features found in the X — like power derived from both ambient body heat, fitness tracking, 200m of water resistance, and both Android and iOS compatibility. It does, however, improve upon it in some major ways. For starters, the PowerWatch 2 is now smaller by 8mm, its new diameter a much more manageable 42mm. It can also now charge with solar energy, as well as body heat, and improves upon its fitness tracking capabilities with heart rate monitoring. Our favorite bit, however, is that it now comes with onboard GPS, so you can navigate the world without ever needing to pull out your phone. Back this watch on Indiegogo now starting at just $199.

Indiegogo: $199+