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Matty Matheson Launches His First Cookware Line With A 10″ Cast Iron Pan

If you’re a fan of artisanal cooking, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Matty Matheson. The alternative connoisseur of gastronomy, and former executive chef of Toronto’s Parts & Labour, has enjoyed an illustrious career thus far, rising in popularity through mediums like the lauded Just A Dash cooking show. Now, following the release of his cookbook, Home Style Cookery, the celebrated chef has linked up with Toronto design studio, Castor, for the launch of his very own cookware line.

While this is just the beginning of a long-running relationship between the two — the pair is slated to reveal a handful of cookware and household items within the coming year — the aptly-named Matheson Cookware lineup has finally broken cover with a single introductory item. The brand’s handsomely-fashioned 10-inch Cast Iron Pan is a unique iteration of the original, incorporating a bespoke pan-edge lip that’s been distinctly-designed for more intuitive basting and stirring. Aside from ample temperature retention, this cast-iron variant boasts a rough and rugged baked-on triple-layer black enameled finish, complementing its anodized handle, S-hook hanger hole, and near-seamless lid, providing both aspiring and veteran chefs with an aesthetically-pleasing introduction to the brand’s artisanal cookware. Head to Matheson’s website to pick up a pan of your own for $200.

Purchase: $200