Matador Transit30 Duffle

The one downside to having big hefty bags for traveling is that it can be a pain to store them when you’ve come back from your travels. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with the Matador Transit30 Duffle.

This 30 liter duffle bag from the San Francisco based company is built to be large enough to carry all of your gear for a weekend trip while still being able to fold down to a pocketable size when not in use. Made from an incredibly durable Cordura ripstop fabric lined with a siliconized waterproofing material and taped internal seams, it’ll keep all of your clothes and gear safe from the weather no matter where you travel. To unfurl it, simply open up the attached pouch, and pull the fabric out. In just a moment, you’ll have a large and sturdy duffle at to fill up for a weekend in a different city. Prices are set at $50. [Purchase]

Matador Transit30 Duffle 0

Matador Transit30 Duffle 1

Matador Transit30 Duffle 2