Matador’s Packable EDC Keychain Face Mask Keeps You Prepared At All Times

No matter how diligent you are about remembering to wear a face mask, the fact is that everyone has experienced the feeling of leaving home without one. And while it’s often easy enough to catch yourself, quickly run inside, and grab your covering, sometimes you’re already at the store before you’ve even realized it.

But with the launch of its all-new Keychain Mask, Matador wants to make sure that you’re always keeping your protection on your person. Designed to fit inside the accompanying silicone storage capsule, it’s made from a quick-drying nanofiber material with a baffled design. In practice, this means that it’s not only super flexible and comfortable to wear, but also incredibly compact and easy to pack away — a true gamechanger in everyday extra-preparedness. Along with the included case, it features a keychain loop for convenient carry attachment. Available as both a single mask and a two-pack, you can buy it for $15 and $25 respectively.

Purchase: $15+