Matador Daylite 16 Packable Backpack

Matador is the king of all things foldable. You name it, they’ve made a version of it that can tuck into itself. Increasingly though, the brand is becoming known less as a maker of foldable bags, and more as a designer of top quality packs that just happen to fold into themselves. Take the Matador Daylite 16 Backpack for example.

This 16-liter backpack is not only completely waterproof thanks to its ripstop Cordura fabric, but it is easy to haul around even on long day hikes due to its large shoulder straps. Whether you’re looking to go out into the desert or for a winter hike along the coast – it’ll stay comfortable and dry. Even the two zippered compartments on the bag feature water resistant hardware. As if all that isn’t enough – the bag boasts two large side compartments for storing extra gear or water bottles. For storage when you’re back from the trail? Simply turn the bag inside out, tuck it into itself and throw it back in your glove compartment. Easy as that.

Purchase: $50