Matador Camera Base Layer

If you are going to head out on a rugged hike up some steep ridges or down into a heavily wooded valley – chances are you aren’t going to go naked. You’ll put on some clothes to keep you protected from the bumps and scratches that you know the trail is going to throw your way, so why not do the same for your camera with Matador’s protective base layer?

This 600 fill down padded shell provides padding and protection for cameras of all sizes. Whether you are lugging a big DSLR or a slimmer film camera, they all fit into the cover with ease. Designed to be quickly removed, you can unbuckle and pull the layer off of your camera in an instant to capture that perfect shot. Matador has also included an integrated rain fly for protecting your camera from sudden wet weather. Take this one along with you during your next photo adventure for $60. [Purchase]

Matador Camera Base Layer 0

Matador Camera Base Layer 02

Matador Camera Base Layer 1

Matador Camera Base Layer 5