Master Lorica Mk II Body Armor

Let the games begin. Unified Weapons Master, a new combat sport combining advanced technology with old school weapons and martial arts, just released its Lorica MK II body armor in the company’s breakthrough official combat test event. The underground test, in which six international weapons martial artists battle tested the new armor during UWM’s Vital Target Combat, was held in Wellington, New Zealand last week.

The Lorica Mk II is made of carbon fiber, in addition to other composite materials, and is embedded with enhanced force measurement sensors and scoring software that measures location, force of each strike, and damage each blow would cause to an unprotected body. Australian-based Chiron Global spent the last six years developing the armor and supporting technology. The armor is designed to withstand high-impact strikes from blunt martial arts weapons, providing heightened levels of protection during combat. Each product consists of three layers: an undergarment with integrated harnessing and cooling, a chassis layer with measurement sensors, and a removable outer layer. The second series of underground events will take place in Sydney, Australia later this year. Results will be used to make further improvements to the armor to get it ready for large-scale events. We’ll have to see what the future holds. Could these, however, eventually be used in contemporary Gladiator matches? Let’s hope so.