Master Lock Indoor Bluetooth Padlock

A major criticism of smart tech these days is that it’s making us more forgetful, lazy, and less willing to partake in wholesome, mind-expending actives. On the other hand, convenience is pretty cool. And this Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock that utilizes Bluetooth connectivity is a prime example.

Gone are the days of forgetting that pesky six-digit code and resorting to bolt cutters. This smart lock uses your smartphone as the key and allows you to share access with others either temporarily or permanently. With the app, users can also access history, receive low battery notices, and tamper alerts in case someone is trying to gain unwarranted access to your belongings. There’s also a keypad on the front in case your phone is dead or misplaced and its boron carbide shackle is resistant to sawing or cutting. So if you’re looking to keep confidential material confidential without taking up your own precious memory, be sure to check out this option that’s available now for $50. [Purchase]