Behold M&D’s Revised 42-Hour Ceramic Wireless ANC Hi-Fi Earbuds

Since its inception in 2014, Master & Dynamic has managed to compete with some of the best-established, most reputable brands in the Hi-Fi space with a catalog of beautifully crafted offerings with decidedly premium sound. And though the American audio outfit’s MW07 Plus model already represented one of the finest ANC true wireless earbuds currently on the market, M&D has now revealed its next flagship wireless earbud model with the new and improved MW08.

Taking inspiration from cases in the high-end watch sector, the MW08 sports a hardwearing new ceramic and stainless steel construction and is M&D’s first true wireless earbud model to boast 11mm Beryllium drivers — 1mm larger than the MW07 Plus’s units. In addition to being more potent, the stainless steel wireless charging case is also smaller in size, as are the D-shaped earbuds themselves. And though they don’t look all that different, the new model gets a proprietary machined aluminum nano-bonded external antenna, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, a markedly larger battery life with a collective 42-hours of music playback, a proprietary novel six microphone setup, and connectivity to the new M&D Connect App. Offered in black, white, brown, or blue, the Master & Dynamic MW08 earbuds are available now for $299.

Purchase: $299