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Play Music & Make Hands-Free Calls Safely With This Wireless Smart Mask

We’ve seen our fair share of interesting masks since the onset of COVID-19, but as the days turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into months, it’s become more difficult to find an offering that’s worth our adulation. Well, the drought has officially ended with the MASKFONE — an affordable, “hands-free” smart mask that allows wearers to take calls, listen to music, and access their virtual assistant without removing their protective barrier.

The MASKFONE is an innovative evolution of the traditional masks that we’ve seen thus far, pairing multi-layered protection and three included PM2.5 filters with a unique, built-in smart suite. An internal microphone provides access to clearer voice calls thanks to background noise isolation, while a wireless Bluetooth headset offers from eight to 12 hours of playtime/listening, whether it be to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or colleagues who need a quick opinion on an upcoming project. The mask’s sleek design is amplified by a durable, IPX5-rated twill fabric design, adjustable neoprene ear hooks, and a cable clip that can be utilized whenever you’re not interested in listening to audio. Head to MASKFONE’s website to pick up one of your own for $50, but be wary — at that price point, you shouldn’t expect genre-leading quality.

Purchase: $50