Maserati Moves Engine Production In-House With A 621HP Twin-Turbo V6

Maserati has famously powered its vehicles using Ferrari engines since 2002, though with the Prancing Horse brand now going independent, Ferrari will no longer be supplying its fellow Modena marque with power plants. Having received this news in 2019, the Trident-logoed automaker set out to design its own engine in-house from the ground up, resulting in the newly unveiled “Nettuno” twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6.

Italian for “Neptune,” this new engine will be found in Maserati’s forthcoming super sports car: the MC20 — the first two-door supercar the brand has released in a decade. Taking a few pages from the Formula One engine playbook, the Nettuno packs variable valve timing, a lateral spark plug arrangement, a pre-combustion chamber, and a twin-turbocharger with an electronically actuated wastegate. Weighing 485lbs, the DOHC 90-degree V6 puts down 621hp (at 7,500rpm) and 538.4ft-lbs from as early as 3,000rpm — 5K before the engine’s 8,000rpm rev ceiling. This output ultimately means this new engine generates an impressive 207hp per liter. Shrouded in carbon fiber covers, the Maserati Nettuno engine will be produced in Modena. The engine will make its debut appearance in September on the MC20, though for more information on the Italian firm’s new engine, you can visit the link below.

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