Marshall Oxblood Acton Speaker

Marshall is indisputably one of the most influential musical equipment manufacturers of all time, second maybe only to Fender – and that’s a big maybe. They’ve developed a signature style that is synonymous with Rock and Roll and, in recent times, have entered the realm of home audio equipment, giving us non-rockstars the ability to get our hands on some superb audio gear that’s reasonable to have in our homes. One such item is the Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker.

Made to look like the brand’s signature amps, this speaker features Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to stream from your phone or any other enabled device. It’s also equipped with an auxiliary input for anything corded. And all of this comes in a desktop sized cabinet. So you can get an earful of your favorite heavy metal riffs in a space saving package. And while the original is still very worthwhile, they’ve just released a limited run (only 300) of Oxblood colored Acton speakers that cost just $249. So if you’re going to give-in to the punk rocker deep inside of you, you’d better pick one up quick. [Purchase]

Marshall Action Oxblood Bluetooth Speaker 01

Marshall Action Oxblood Bluetooth Speaker 02

Marshall Action Oxblood Bluetooth Speaker 04