Marshall Mid Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Marshall is perhaps most well-known for their guitar amps. You might recognize them as the brand of choice for artists such as Ace Frehly, Kurt Cobain, or Eric Clapton – to name a few. But they’ve recently taken the dive into more dwelling-friendly audio equipment. While much of this gear may be smaller, it is no less formidable. One such example is their latest release, the Mid Bluetooth wireless headphones.

These premium on-ear headphones feature dynamic custom-tuned 40mm drivers that offer “a robust sound that balances clarity with just the right amount of bass.” That means they’ll deliver sound as it was intended to be heard directly to your ears. They also have an uninterrupted playtime of over 30 hours per charge and a range of up to 30 feet. And you can play, pause, shuffle, and adjust the volume all with a multidirectional control knob mounted on the ‘phones. It’s even equipped with phone functionality, so you can answer, reject, or end a call with the very same knob. And, if you do make a call, the two built-in passive noise reduction microphones ensure that you can chat without the need to carry your phone around. These stellar headphones retail for $199. [Purchase]

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